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Specialist Extraction cleaning

Deep Kitchen Cleaning

We specialise in the deep cleaning and verification of kitchen ducting systems, for insurance purposes, this will also assist you with your kitchen Fire Risk Assessment and environmental health requests.

Commercial kitchens must strictly adhere to legislation governing their condition and standards of hygiene. The Food Safety Act 1990 and Food Hygiene Regulations 2006 state that failure to meet their hygiene standards can lead to severe fines and penalties that will negatively affect your business' reputation, in addition to losing profits. Ensure that your staff and customers have a healthy environment.

Poor cleanliness could lead to pest infestations, bacterial contaminations, spread diseases and reduce the life of your equipment. Also if grease is allowed to excessively accumulate it can pose a major fire hazard.

A deep kitchen clean is needed to clean hard to reach places such as ceilings, lights, ducts and extraction, walls and fittings or equipment. Bacteria will thrive in areas that have a build-up of grease.

R.Nightingale Ltd. Our deep cleaning service creates and maintains a high stand of hygiene throughout your kitchen. Our team of specialists clean all of your surfaces and equipment, ensuring that all traces of grease and dirt are removed. We comply with B&ES formerly HVCA TR/19 (Guide to Good Practice Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems) and use their specification as a guideline for all our extraction cleaning. We work with you to carry out the work at a time that will have a minimal impact on your business hours.

Photo portfolio of before & after cleaning, See our gallery for an insight.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It is well known among cleaners that without regular cleaning kitchen ducting and extraction build up large amounts of oil and grease. This build up presents a major risk of fire from the heat of cooking.

• Extractor Hoods/Filters
• Kitchen Ducting " Internal and External"
• Cleaning and Maintenance
• Insurance Requests " Including Photo"
• Portfolio and Verification " Report"
• Inspection Cover Supply and Fitting Service
• Extract Filter Cleaning
• Extract Fans " Grease Removal"
• Steam Generating
• Deep Kitchen Cleaning
• Environmental Health Requests
• System Repairs " New Systems"

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