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Ducting Access Doors

Ducting Access Doors

We supply and fit ducting access doors for all types of ducting

Access Panels can be easily removed to allow for duct cleaning and routine hygiene maintenance also for inspection and testing of induct items. The Fastfix range of Access Doors are manufactured in the UK, to provide a quick and efficient means of access/inspection to in-duct items such as control dampers, fire dampers, heating/cooling coils, attenuators and filter sections.

Fastfix Circular Duct Access Doors

Manufactured from Galvanised Pressed Steel, these Spiral Duct Access Doors are available to suit diameters of Spiral Ducting from 100mm to 1000mm. Stainless steel doors are available on a special order. Circular Access Panels are supplied with an adhesive template which ensures correct marking of Duct Door cut out. Fast Fix Doors / Spiral Duct Access Panels available from stock in 3 face sizes depending on duct diameter.

Fastfix Insulated Duct Access Doors / Cam-lock Door

Designed for use on Rectangular Ductwork, these Fish-tab style Access Doors are simple and easy to install. Simply cut a hole in the duct 30mm under the door size, fix the frame in place with a dolly and hammer, replace the door and secure with Cam Lock Door fasteners. Insulated Access Door seals meet DW144 Classes A & B. Rectangular Tabbed Access Doors available from stock in 19 sizes to suit everything from visual access (100x100) to man access (600x600) Access Doors for Kitchen Extract Systems available options include stainless steel construction, wire ties, hinges and handles.