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Extractor Filters

R.Nightingale Ltd. has over 20 year's experience in supplying and installing a full range of extractor hoods and filters. Filters are used to reduce the amount of grease travelling into the canopy and ducting. In order to remain effective they must be regularly cleaned or replaced if necessary, all of our filters are easy to remove and clean. We have a large variety of filter dimensions and materials in stock.


We supply and fit filters for all types of canopies & hoods

Veevent Baffle Grease Filters 

Baffle Grease Filters for Commercial Kitchen Ventilation work very differently to the Mesh Grease Filter rather than trapping the grease within the Filter Medium, Flame Barrier Baffle Filters, work by forcing the grease laden air through several changes of direction as it passes through the Grease Filter because the grease droplets are unable to change direction as quickly as the air in which they are carried, they become separated from the air and are deposited on the Baffle Filter blades and drained into drip trays. This method of Grease Filtration removes any potential risk of spread of fire, should a fire occur on the cooking surface below without Grease build up in the Steel Extraction Filter there is no increase in operating resistance allowing a constant airflow to be maintained, reducing energy consumption.

Mesh Type Grease Filter (type AGMB)

Metal Grease Filters are used on those Kitchen Extract Systems where functionality and economics are paramount and where the grease load is relatively low Grease is collected in the Wire Mesh Media and with regular cleaning " at least once a week " will last many years. The Kitchen Grease Filter consists of a Rigid Aluminium Frame, with a knitted Wire Mesh Filter Pad, which is graded for maximum grease retention and Weldmesh Facings to both sides Handles are fitted as standard to the shortest dimension. The Stainless Grease Filter can be manufactured to any required size but most popular sizes are always available from stock for next day delivery.

Certification of Verification for Insurance Purposes

After your work has been completed we will send you a Certificate of Hygiene and photo documentation which you can show to your insurance company to prove that your business has been professionally cleaned. Failure to produce a certificate will invalidate your insurance in the event of a fire. We can also inspect the current condition of your kitchens to check if they are up to the correct standard and check the levels of grease.