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The New "Plug and Cook" Canopy System

The quick and easy way to your new extraction system.

The Plug and Cook system comes complete with a wall Tapered or Box Canopy, sizes from 1mtr up to 2.4mtr long, incorporating one CBM Speed Controllable Snail Fan, a length of flexible ducting and an external Weather Louvre Grille.

The speed controller will be mounted on the front face for ease of access.

The Plug and Cook system has been designed so that it is easy to install, no specialist ducting fitters or electricians required. All our canopies are made from high quality 1mm thick 430, grade stainless steel with a smooth wipe clean interior finish and with an exterior finish of your choice.

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Greaseduct UKs standard canopies are of a folded and riveted construction with fully welded corners, all edges are "safety folded edges" inside the filter bank and all around the canopy. All canopies are supplied with removable and washable Stainless Steel Baffle Grease Filters.

The canopy comes with two fan exit points one through the back and the other through the top so that you have two options for your exit point.

Full installation diagrams are supplied with the unit.

As your canopy is made from the highest quality materials they should last you a lifetime.

All of our extraction canopies are designed in accordance with B&ES DW/172 and B&ES DW/144.

Sizes Available

1000mm x 1000mm £1,268.75 +VAT

1000mm x 1200mm £1,277.50 +VAT

1200mm x 1000mm £1,356.25+VAT

1200mm x 1200mm £1365.00 +VAT

1400mm x 1000mm £1,443.75+VAT

1400mm x 1200mm £1,452.50+VAT

1600mm x 1000mm £1,470.00+VAT

1600mm x 1200mm £1,478.75+VAT

1800mm x 1000mm £1,496.25+VAT

1800mm x 1200mm £1,505.00+VAT

2000mm x 1000mm £1,706.25+VAT

2000mm x 1200mm £1,715.00+VAT

2400mm x 1000mm £ 1,732.50+VAT

2400mm x 1200mm £1,741.25+VAT

Tapered sizes back 500mm front

250mm box sizes 500mm on all sides

All sizes in stock and are ready to be shipped or collected, for delivery allow up to three days

Please call if you require other sizes